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Even if you are careful, the slow-motion nightmare of something falling and spilling onto your steam star carpet cleaning will happen sooner or later. It is inevitable that stains, spills, and dirt will eventually become part of the carpet.

General Carpet Cleaner Tips

The stain will come out much easier if the action is taken as soon as you can after it occurs. Stains are best blotted rather than rubbed. A spilled liquid will soak up if you blot it, but rubbing the stain into your carpet is not a good idea. Be sure to also blot the stain from the outer edge inwards, since blotting it outwards will only spread the stain.

For carpet maintenance, it is best to perform a deep clean regularly. If months of dirt is not removed, carpet cleaning will be more effective. An investment in a steam or deep cleaning vacuum is well worth it, since they not only help remove dirt but also odors from carpets.

You can find a tip for any type of stain

You can remove stain residue with a deep-cleaning vacuum or a steam cleaner. However, if you wish to have your carpet as clean as before an accident, then you must pre-treat any stains that are indicated.

Alcohol, Cooldrinks (Urine, Ice cream, Mud, etc.), Urine & Mud

All of the above spillages are water-soluble, which means that all you need to do to clean them is to mix 1/4 teaspoons of vinegar with 1 liters of water. Don't forget to blot the spillage, not rub it.

Coffee, Tea, Blood, Chocolate, Vomit & Wine:

To begin with, use a dry towel to absorb excess spillage. Ammonia [1 table spoon] in 1 cup of water will clean the stains above, if you carpet isn't wool or blend. Your best bet is to use the laundry detergent/water mixture if you have a carpet made of wool or a blend. Then, use your deep-cleaning vacuum or steam cleaner.

Candle Wax & Fats & Oil

The most common nightmare is a spill. But it doesn't need to be. Just place a paper towels over the spot and then iron the towel using a warm iron. If the wax, fat, or oil adheres to your paper towel, it will leave your carpet looking as good as before.

Nail Polish

Use a cotton ball, bud, or other soft material dipped in nail polish remover to gently dab at the stain. To remove the stain you need to use as little nail varnish remover as possible. This is because nail polish remover can be used as a bleach for most fabrics including carpets.

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