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Consider the Super Bowl. Nothing is sold more on Super Bowl Sunday than 12-packs. Super Bowl Sunday is the day when there are most commercials for beer or alcohol. On Super Bowl Sunday, bars, restaurants and pubs will be packed with people who are drinking a lot of alcohol. It's not that alcohol causes some people to become alcohol and substance abuse, but it is the norm in our culture.

What Is an Alcoholic?

It is possible to distinguish between an alcoholic and someone who drinks responsibly. Alcoholics are people who drink heavily and frequently, regardless of any negative consequences. Alcohol affects every area of an alcoholic’s life, including their physical, mental and social well-being. Alcohol abuse can have negative effects on health.

Heart disease



-High blood pressure

-Liver Failure

Alcohol also has a social impact on many who are heavy drinkers, since they may ruin friendships or relationships because of their habit. Alcohol can be expensive for people who consume it in large quantities. Alcohol is costly, especially if you drink it regularly. Mental effects of drinking alcohol are the most difficult to correct. Addiction can be categorized as a mental illness. It can be difficult to stop drinking alcohol when a person is addicted.

What are the best alcohol abuse programs?

There is still hope if you or someone close to you is experiencing the negative side effects of excessive alcohol use. Alcoholics can go to inpatient treatment centers to deal with their alcohol addiction. Detox centers are also a safe and effective way for alcoholics to get over the withdrawal symptoms caused by not drinking alcohol.

Doing research to locate the best resources in your locality to help you or your family overcome alcoholism is the key to finding the treatment that's right for your needs. To get started, talk to friends and family members who are currently in treatment for alcohol addiction.